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The Sales Growth Club Live

Many businesses invest time in developing a good Business Plan.

This Business Plan focuses on marketing, branding, pricing, costs and a set of business goals.

But what’s missing far too often in a Business Plan is a Sales Plan and this is the key reason why businesses do not see the Sales Growth they anticipate.

What is a Sales Plan?

  • A Sales Plan lays out objectives, high-level tactics, target audience and potential obstacles.
  • It is like a traditional Business Plan but focuses specifically on Sales Strategy.
  • A Business Plan lays out your goals, BUT a Sales Plan describes exactly how you’ll make them happen.

Without a Sales Plan your Sales results are down to hard work and luck. Even then you might not be achieving the success you should be.

If Sales is a challenge for you or you feel that your sales plan needs a refresh, then this Workshop is for you!

In the Workshop you will gain absolute clarity on what makes a great Sales Plan and you will begin building your Sales Plan with me offering advice and insight.

You will leave knowing the building blocks required to put Sales at the heart of your business.

Your new or refreshed Sales Plan will include:

  • Target customers
  • Revenue targets
  • Strategies and tactics
  • Expenses
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Deadlines
  • Market conditions

For this Workshop we advise you to:

1. Bring a laptop

2. Bring a notebook

3. Bring an open mind and willingness to learn!

About the trainer:

Steve Knapp (The Sales Mindset Coach) is a Sales expert and Sales Thought Leader, having designed and implemented the Sales approach for Shell International.

Steve is committed to providing smaller business owners access to specifically designed, relevant and actionable Sales Coaching that empowers them to put Sales at the heart of their businesses.

This Workshop ensures that the structures, processes and behaviours are in place to help you enjoy selling whilst growing your business with a Sales Mindset.

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5 Feb 2019


9:30 am - 12:30 pm


£148.00 +vat

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Jury's Inn
Sheffield Hotel, 119 Eyre Street, Sheffield S1 4QW, UK
Sales Mindset Coach


Sales Mindset Coach
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