Netty and Marlene Reddish of Shop Reddish, have set up a business network for businesses in the Derbyshire Dales; see details below from their Meet Up page;

Click on the link to join find out when their next meet up is and to join the group.

Our Derbyshire Dales are alive with Entrepreneurs and Micro Businesses. We are as unique and beautiful as the countryside in which we live.

Each one of us has taken a passion and turned it into a profession. This is our strength. Immersed in our passion, the business side can become a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, we look to our peers and wonder “How do they manage that?”

As a member of this Group, you add your experience, talents, questions, concerns, strategies, and the lot to helping yourself and your peers to not only succeed but to shine. This is an opportunity to work together to create even better business community.

Maybe something you create is exactly what another business needs. Or, maybe, you have figured out how to effectively use social media to increase sales for a nice market. Or, you have a strategy for meeting increased demand with only two hands.

Meeting generally once a month at various local pubs, we will have a “Topic of the Month” open to suggestion by the membership.

Join Us! Peer-to-Peer Micro Business Support Group of the Derbyshire Dales.
Doing it Together Alone!