An Inspired by the Peak District Case Study

Taylormay Botanicals logoChristine Tilbury has always valued the positive and health affirming qualities of plants and has used essential oils and other plant products in her everyday life. On moving from the south coast back to the Peak District 18 months ago, she took the opportunity to set up Taylormay Botanicals, a range of organic skincare products.

Christine has incorporated the branding into her website, her business postcard and her labelling and cares passionately about making connections to find
ways of doing business locally and particularly with other ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ businesses – something that led her to contact Grindleford Water about using their spring water in her products. Christine was using her own distilled water but decided that she wanted to see if there was a local spring water provider that she could use instead. She checked out ‘PeakedInterest’ (also using the brand) and saw an article about Grindleford Water, so approached the owners and now uses Grindleford Water exclusively in her skin care products.

Taylormay BotanicalsThis was something that she had always had at the back of her mind to do and now seemed like the right time, particularly as she immediately felt the effects of the northerly wind and cold on her face; far more in need of good skin protection than in the relative warmth of the south coast!

Taylormay BotanicalsShe heard about ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ from her sons, Sam and Ike Walker who work separately but also together as ‘Walker Creative’, who in turn, signed up to use the branding by hearing about it through their work with ‘Glory Days’ when they were commissioned by them to make a promotional video for their retro bike business. Her sons have provided her with their photography and design expertise. Sam and Ike created the cinematography and effects on the website – a genuine ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ family collaboration.

Grindleford Water is owned and managed by Phil and Kulbir Eastwood and operates from the Grindleford Station Café which Phil took over from his father, ten years ago. The spring is located near the café; the water collected is supplied through a pipe to a tank in the roof, where it then goes through a UV filter to be supplied in the building via a tap.

Taylormay BotanicalsThe spring water has been bottled since 1977 and Phil and Kulbir sell 500ml bottles exclusively at the Station Café but also supply an ever increasing number (through word of mouth) of 19 litre bottles and water coolers to businesses in Derbyshire, Sheffield and more recently, in Manchester. Both size bottles carry the ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ branding on the labels.Taylormay Botanicals

The uniqueness of Grindleford Springwater comes from its very local ‘feel’ and the fact that the water is pure, with a perfect pH of 7. Phil and Kulbir, like Christine, strive to work with local, ecologically minded businesses and source supplies for the café via the local supply chain as much as possible. For Kulbir, the concept of ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ is summed up with a quote that is used on the label;

‘Our beautiful land of vales and heather, where people wander contentedly has a secret spring at its’ heart, filtered pure by limestone rocks’.