Inspired By – Case Studies

How three businesses have used the ‘Inspired By’ logo to help in their marketing activities.

The logo is free to use by all members of Business Peak District. If you are not already a member you can join here .


Griffiths Mill

Griffiths Mill, located just outside of Sudbury, is a family run business owned by David and Karen Griffiths.


David and Karen set up Griffiths Mill 10 years ago, after circumstances prompted a change in lifestyle.  Originally, Karen was keen to get a couple of Angora goats and after a visit to talk to breeders at the Stafford Show, they soon ended up with 26 goats instead of the originally intended 2.

As neither David nor Karen had any experience of shearing goats (Angora goats need to be sheared twice a year) they booked themselves on to a course and soon the fleeces were stacking up quicker than Karen could process them.

It soon became apparent that the equipment they had for processing the fleeces was inadequate so they researched the market and found a complete mill for sale with everything they needed. The equipment was bought and the couple successfully applied for LEADER funding for funds towards a brand new log cabin to house the equipment, built in Easter 2009.

Now, David and Karen have 67 sheep of various breeds and 2 angora goats and specialise in processing small batches of fleece/ fibre from as little as a single fleece.

Customers are based as far away as the US and Australia. However the vast majority of the spinning they do is for other people; fleeces are sent to Griffiths Mill from all over the country.

The wool is sold predominantly via their website and at shows but word of mouth also has a large part to play. Karen is keen to stress that there are many types of fleece in the UK, from the very soft to the much coarser, depending on the breed. Because of this there are many ways in which different fleeces can be used.


‘Inspired by the Peak District’ is the perfect brand for our Walkers’ Wool

The ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ Walkers Wool originally came from a request they received at the Chatsworth Show when someone asked if they produced ‘foot fleece’. griffiths-mill-1

This is a wool fleece, which is very soft and rich in lanolin. It is used to wick away moisture, allowing feet to breathe and keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer.

At about the same time they became aware of the ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ campaign and realised their new product would be ideally suited to carry the brand to help promote the product to walkers drawn to the area all year round.

This ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ branded product is now sold all over the UK and abroad; via the website and at shows across the UK where David and Karen take the opportunity to explain the brand and the connection to the Peak District to customers.

They plan to have the logo incorporated into the packaging for the wool and their website when this is updated.

They are also working with the Raynaud’s & Scleroderma Association (a charity helping people with the common disorder in which the small blood vessels in the extremities are over-sensitive to changes in temperature) who are carrying out fields tests with ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ Walkers Wool and hope that the results will enable Walkers Wool to be sold through thee Raynaud’s and Scleroderma  Association website.



Vintage Adventure Tours


Vintage Adventure Tours was set up a couple of years ago by Steve White, who runs a B&B in Winster with his wife.

At the same time that he was toying with the idea of getting his much loved vintage Model A Ford licenced for tours, he met the Derbyshire Dales business advisor at a business networking event
and seeing the potential in Steve’s business plan, she supported him through the licence application process.

Steve’s application was passed through the licencing committee and he was given permission to get the business set up. He started advertising in April 2014 with the first trip taking place a couple of months later.

During 2014, Steve gave 40 tours and has had several repeat bookings from customers wanting to do a different tour in order to see different parts of the Peak District. The summer of 2015 has seen bookings increase and Steve has been busier than ever.


“In this business, we are truly ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ each time we take the car out for a tour; without the landscape, there would be no business”


The idea of using the ‘Inspired by the Peak  District’ branding came from the same networking event and he saw the significance and relationship to his business immediately.
For Steve, the star of  he show is the landscape; “without the landscape of the Peak District there would be no inspiration and therefore no tours. The joy of the tours comes from sitting up high in the car seeing the  landscape as it unfolds… it’s about the landscape and being inspired by it”.

Steve sees the brand as a leveller – a way for any size or type of business to gain from the collective use of the brand to showcase not just their own business but the area as a whole.

Steve is using the brand on the homepage of his website with a link directly through to and on his email signature. He has the logo on his advertising postcards, leaflets and of course, the car!



Peak UK

Peak UK began life back in 1990 when Pete Astles, a keen kayaker and up and coming slalom racer, moved to Nottingham to be near the National Water Sports Centre.

Peak-UK-1During his time in Nottingham, Pete worked in a shop selling kayaking gear however what was available at that time was generally of low quality, badly designed and badly fitting.

A period off work due to illness provided Pete with the opportunity to think about how to design and make better clothing and life jackets so he learnt how to use a sewing machine, developed a prototype jacket and PFD (personal floatation device) and so began Peak UK.

Now, 25 years later, Peak UK is one of the world’s leading brands of kayaking gear. In 1995, the business moved to Cromford  Mill where it continued to flourish until moving to a purpose built unit near the River Derwent at Darley Bridge, near Matlock.

The company now designs and manufactures over 60,000 garments per year with function and quality in mind and are proud to have been able to pioneer their production of custom kayaking gear for the 2012 Olympic team.

Peak UK are the only company in the world that uses a sublimation print process onto waterproof fabric. This is where the design doesn’t sit on top of the fabric, but rather the ink dyes the yarn so that the image will not run or fade with time.


I’m excited to join the ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ campaign and plan to promote the campaign wherever we can.

Pete was introduced to the ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ brand through Jim Harrison, the Chair of Business Peak District and owner of Thornbridge Brewery; as Pete says, he was originally ‘inspired by Thornbridge beer’.

I chose to live and base my business in the Peak District because of it’s great countryside for an outdoor and healthy lifestyle. Also, it’s central position and close links to major road systems and cities make it a great place for a global brand business such as Peak UK. The Peak District is the perfect business / outdoor lifestyle location. I love it! 

Pete saw the potential and benefit of using the brand to show his association with the area and other, like minded Peak District businesses.

The business is using the ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ logo on their 2016 catalogue and has added it as a hyperlink to the homepage of their website.

They have also added it to their International Trade Show Stand which is taken all over the world. Vinyls will soon be added to the windows at their premises at Darley Bridge and also their vehicles.